Our experts are always here to support and guide you.

  • EVS team is led by dynamic individuals who have wealth of experience in career counselling and are experts in student visa services.
  • They are very well trained in guiding students for their dream study destinations.
  • They all serve as the founding members of the firm and aspire to lead it to unprecedented heights.
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Team Members
Mr. Parth Dhruve.
  • He is a well rounded individual having Masters Degree in Human Resources Management with a dynamic professional experience in various sectors like Manufacturing, Telecom, Hospitality and Student Visa Consulting.

  • He is certified IELTS and PTE trainer having vast knowledge and expertise in foreign education services and has become a pioneer in guiding potential applicants on fulfilling their education aspirations. He specialises right from admission and visa procedures to Permanent Residency for United Kingdom and Europe.

  • He has a proven track record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion. His eye for excellence and attention to detail has rendered EVS in providing streamlined services to potential applicants.
  • His business networks in and out of the industry have an immense influence on overall success of the firm. He constantly works in diversifying and expanding the global stature for EVS.
Team Members
Mr. Gautam Chauhan.
  • With more than 10 years of experience in this field, he is a known expert in providing education and visa guidance especially for Canada, Australia and USA. He has a well rounded network and has extensive knowledge of institutions in abroad.

  • He was an outstanding employee at Planet Education LLP for 8 long years and finally fulfilled his dream of having his own firm for the same.

  • He is a very dedicated, committed and motivated person who thrives at accomplishing the set objectives by any means necessary. He is very much in touch with all the students who have been sent to abroad for studies previously.
  • He has an out of the way approach and understanding of student’s requirements is unparalleled which makes him different from other consultants..
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About Image
Team Members
Mr. Vivek Macwan
  • He has Masters Degree in Information Technology and has also served as an Assistant Professor with a reputed educational institution. However, it’s his passion and drive that led him to divert in the field of student visa consulting and has been doing it for more than 5 years.

  • He has become one of best in student visa consultation especially for United Kingdom and Europe having broad understanding of admission and visa processes.

  • He has heads on experience in the education sector and is fully equipped with the current market trends and student necessities. His vision and great business sense has propelled EVS into becoming one of the leaders in the overseas education consulting.
  • His marketing strategies and business networks pave ideal ways which ultimately benefits potential students. His role is very vital and instrumental in ensuring that the firm expands globally..

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